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In 1999, Bogdan Jozwiak founded www.vrombc.com where he would voice opinions about his first motorcycle, a Yamaha V-Max. What began as a single HTML page quickly grew into a dynamic website with a following of several hundred riders. Today, the term "VROM" represents a large group of friendly riders who welcome all to our rides and events. VROM is highly respected by Vancouver's motorcycle community for being a friendly group of riders who love to ride and have a good time.


VROM is based on 2 principles, motorcycles and friendship, the latter being the most important. Nobody loved motorcycles and people more than Julia Sit and no individual is better known for her kindness and hard work amongst Vancouver's motorcycle community.


What can you expect from VROM?


What you won't find at a VROM event or on a VROM ride:


About Bogdan Jozwiak:


Bogdan immigrated to Canada from Poland with one suitcase in the early 1980's. Using VROMBC.COM and his love for computers, Bogdan launched a successful career in software engineering which included the high profile employers Microsoft, Rockwell Automation, and the Government of Canada.


On June 27, 2004 we lost our best friend "Bog" at the age of 48. Six hundred motorcycles followed his Hearse from the Flying Swan to his final resting place at Ocean View Cemetery in Burnaby, BC.


picture of Bogdan


Bog's Loop... his final ride: (840 kilometres total)


1.) Sea to Sky Highway to Pemberton. 5.) Highway 8 to Merritt.
2.) Duffy Lake Road to Lilooet. 6.) Highway 5A to Princeton.
3.) Highway 12 to Lytton. 7.) Highway 3 to Hope.
4.) Highway 1 to Spences Bridge. 8.) Highway 7 to Mission.
9.) either Highway 7 or the Trans-Canada to Vancouver.


Annually done by Bog's friends on the Sunday closest to his passing date.



About Julia Sit:


Often referred to as "Motorcycling's First Lady", Julia Sit was the most well known motorcyclist in Vancouver. Using her restaurant as a headquarters (The Flying Swan Coffeehouse, 1724 W 4th Avenue in Vancouver), Julia devoted an unparalleled amount of time, effort, and kindness to the motorcycle world with her endless history of fund-raisers, parties, charity work and always promoting friendship and good-will amongst the motorcycle community. She had the extraordinary ability to remember the first name of thousands of riders and her name will be remembered by everyone.


On July 10, 2005, Julia was taken from us while riding with two others, including her fiancé, Robert Wiedemann. The motorcycles in her funeral procession stretched beyond both horizons and it was credited as the second longest in British Columbia's history. Julia now rests at Ocean View Cemetery in Burnaby.



Julia's loop ...her final ride: (about 720 km)


1.) 232 nd street Chevron. 6.) Hwy 5A to Merritt.
2.) Hwy 1 to Hope. 7.) Lunch at the ABC in Merritt.
3.) Hwy 3 Manning Park. 8.) Hwy 8 to Spences Bridge.
4.) 7 km up to the Cascade Lookout. 9.) Hwy 1 to Lytton.
5.) Hwy 3 to Princeton. 10.) Visit Julia's site 5 km before Hope.
11.) Depending on Time and Traffic return via Hwy 1 or Hwy 7.


Annually done by Julia's friends on the Sunday closest to her passing date.


picture of Julia


Today the Flying Swan Café is operated by Julia's son Jason, her brother Harreson, and her parents Pauline and Tom. Packed with motorcycle memorabilia including painted murals of Bogdan and Julia, all riders are welcomed under a black awning with the words "Motorcycle Friendly Café". Riding groups meet at "The Swan" every day, often for a meal before the ride. Check the Event Planner section of our message boards for ride postings.


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